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The Digs Philosophy

When Ben Palmer-Ball moved back to Louisville from California, he brought with him a certain aspect of California that he thought would fare particularly well in our culture: Outdoor living. He saw a way to help his fellow Kentuckians maximize their outdoor spaces, expand their entertaining options, and enjoy more of what each beautiful season has to offer. That’s why he opened Digs.

Ben’s philosophy for Digs is deceptively simple: To provide his customers with everything they need to enjoy more quality time with friends, family, and guests year round. While this may sound like a straightforward goal, it’s taken time for him to find the right mix of furniture, servingware, accessories, and textiles to make sure that his clientele is able to transform a patio,, porch, or deck into an outdoor living room, dining room, or kitchen.

“We strive to mix and match,” says Ben. “So having a variety of vendors and products allows us to combine things so that customers can craft an outdoor space to match their own taste. Not everything has to match or look like you went to a store and bought it all at one time.”

Instead, Ben likes for customers to build their collections from pieces that truly speak to them, curating a style that will draw them back to their outdoor space time after time. “You don’t necessarily have everything matching inside your home,” Ben says. That’s why the Digs' team seeks out pieces for both their indoor and outdoor collections that will transition seamlessly from year to year.

While this organic style of envisioning, curating, and collecting may take longer than some philosophies, the team at Digs knows that their clientele will also enjoy their purchases longer if they’re more thoughtful. Come visit Ben and the team at Digs today, and begin creating the kind of living spaces you’ll never want to leave.

Digs Home and Garden is all decked out for the holidays. Stop in and see us Monday-Friday

from 10am - 5pm, Saturday from 10am-4pm, and Sunday 12-4pm through the holidays.

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