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20 Years of Digs

Ben Palmer-Ball, an architect by trade, has always had a love for landscaping and digging in the

dirt. He wanted to create a garden shop, something for Louisville gardeners so that they could

buy fine tools, heirloom seeds, pots and planters to enjoy as they worked in their yards at home.

So he opened Digs Home in Garden at Chenoweth Square in the year 2000, in the space that

now houses Cheddar Box II.

It wasn’t long before Ben realized that customers were not as passionate about getting their

hands dirty in the garden, but rather wanted to relax at home in a wonderful outside space.

Having spent much of his career in California, Ben always loved how residents there treated

their outdoor spaces as extensions of their homes.

“In Louisville, you don’t have as much opportunity for year-round outdoor activities,” says Ben.

“But you can expand the season a bit with furniture, materials, and fire elements. So we began

to source more and more quality vendors to expand our outdoor furniture and accessory


Eventually Digs expanded the showroom to accommodate the fabulous finds customers have

come to expect each year. Because Digs is a locally owned and operated business, Ben is able

to tailor the furniture and products to Louisville’s unique aesthetic — ultimately expanding to

offer interior furniture in 2015.

Digs has evolved to offer everything you might need for inside, and outside, your home. We

style the store with all sorts of accessories that are mixed and matched purposefully to achieve

a look that evolves over time. “Most of us at home,” Ben explains, “don’t go out and purchase a

complete matching set of furniture. You add, update, and replace pieces as your budgets allow,

and as tastes and styles change. This is our design philosophy and we showcase this in our

store every season.”

Customers can browse Digs’ selection of furniture, home accessories, gifts, wearables and

jewelry, purchasing a set right from the floor to be taken home or delivered that same day. Or

they can mix and match to their own particular tastes. Custom orders are always an option as


Ben invites you to stop in to Digs to experience our excellent service. “There’s a reason we

have many regulars that stop in the store frequently,” Ben explains. “We have an amazing staff

that can help you design the perfect outdoor oasis. They will get to know you by name, go out to

your home, find out your likes and dislikes, make recommendations, and follow up with you. It’s

something that sets us apart from the big box stores and online retailers.”

Digs Home and Garden is all decked out for the holidays. Stop in and see us Monday-Friday

from 10am - 5pm, and Saturday from 10am-4pm.

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I visited digs today with my Mother and Sister. How beautiful everything is! What an inspiration to walk around and place yourself in the mindset of relaxation and comfort. Thank you for a wonderful Sunday!! We will be back :) Tonya Tate

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